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Experience the ultimate road trip with our top-of-the-line Bali 4x4 van rental, equipped with all the features you need for a comfortable and stylish adventure. Enjoy the comfort of heated floors, AC, a stunning Bali bathroom, and the most powerful electrical system for off-grid living. Soak up the sun on the rooftop with its driving range and sunbeds, and revel in the van's ultimate design and luxurious premium materials.
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We use the latest technological trends in van conversions and develop our own innovative technologies
Pull-out toilet
First in a van building market!

The hidden toilet behind the door prevents from interfering with taking a shower and is easy to slide out when you need it.
Heated floor
Hydronic Heating system, which heats glycol and drives it through pipes laid on the floor of the van.
The voguish design of our vans will always keep you thinking that you stay in a 5-star hotel when staying off-road in the middle of nowhere
with golf, sunbeds, and fire-pit

The multifunctional rooftop deck covered by artificial grass serves as a driving range with biodegradable golf balls, and a sun bed for watching sunsets or enjoying the propane fire pit right on top of the van
Roof-top terrace
Multi-zone dimming multicolor LED light with remote controller
Multi zone light
Boho desert
The beauty of the American deserts and the luxury of European hotels
Art House
Organic forms, contrasting colors, and a variety of modern materials
Natural shades in combination with plants, wood, and stone bring you to the tropical forest of Bali island.
Inspired by the relaxed and sophisticated aesthetic of the Mediterranean.
We build okohomey vans for people who appreciate cojmfort
We currently offer 2 pre-engineered designs for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170" wb. We offer the basic kit conversion and a selection of optional features
Сhoose the layout
Our professional designers have already taken care of you and prepared delightful design projects. You should only choose which one reflects yourself more
Сhoose the design
Every build includes a basic kit of features that are unchangeable. Pick the optional features that you want to add to your van and you will see the total conversion price

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We will help you to buy the van from our partner dealerships. Already have a van? We accept Mercedes-Benz 170” wb 2007 or newer

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Production averages around 2-3 months
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Permanent bed
Smart Living
Open Space
We work on Mercedes Sprinter 170" chassis
Tiny Planet
Tiny Planet is an innovative company specializing in converting Mercedes-Benz vans into luxury homes on wheels. The high-quality van conversions are inspired by American nature and European luxury hotels. We take great care to create elaborate, homey, and voguish camper vans. Our goal is to provide our clients unique travel experience with the comfort and quality service they need to fully enjoy their time in nature wherever their journey takes them.
....is to enhance the overall enjoyment of life by providing an unparalleled travel experience. We strive to provide our clients with the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore new places, indulge in their passions, uncovering the unexpected, cherish quality time, immerse in the beauty of nature, and cultivate mindfulness.
  • Tiny Planet is featured on Fox 10 TV as the most luxurious home on wheels.
  • WOW Tiny Planet has a stunning van build with the systems to back it up too. Great couple with beautiful builds and nice company.
  • Adventure Vans in the Future of Tiny Planet Earth
  • Tiny planet and California State University Sacramento join forces for a unique collaboration in entrepreneurship and marketing education
  • This Bali-Inspired Camper Van Is an Exotic Holiday on Wheels With a Golf Course on Top

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