High-end conversion of 4x4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Bali design.
Road trip adventures reinvented
Whether you're exploring the sweltering deserts of Arizona or braving the icy winters of Colorado, this van will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature outside. This van is equipped with heated floors, winterized plumbing, and the most efficient 12v A/C, allowing you to stay comfortable in even the most extreme temperatures. With its voguish design and intelligent features, the Bali 4x4 is the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled travel experience in natural surroundings.
  • Mercedes Sprinter 170 diesel, 2022, 4x4, pebble gray, 19 000 miles
  • Biggest touch screen, 360 cameras, active cruise control
  • Warranty - 3 years
  • 2022 converted
Permanent bed
  • Full or queen size permanent bed
  • Permanent Seating area for up to 4 people with table
  • Swivel seat driver side
  • Indoor shower
  • Genius toilet compartment
  • Galley up to 86"
  • Pantry (optional)
  • Eye position refrigerator
  • Wardrobe
  • Garage space under the bed
The design draws inspiration from the vibrant tropical nature and luxurious villas of Bali. To create an immersive experience, we've incorporated shades found in the surrounding environment into the interior: think soothing grays, lush greens, earthy browns, and deep charcoals. By combining these natural hues with elements such as plants, wood structures, and stone accents, we've crafted an ambiance that transports you straight to the heart of a tropical forest on a lush Indonesian island.
  • Heated floors !!! (150 feet of glycol pipes under the floor with diesel heater by Timberline)
  • Bathroom with a flat shower pan that creates the tallest high of 74” in the shower.
  • Genius pull-out sliding toilet hidden in the bathroom
  • The most efficient shower head uses just 0.4 Gal per minute, to have more than 100 min of a hot shower in the middle of nowhere.
  • Hot outdoor shower
  • Roof deck with sun beds, golf range, and a fire pit !!!
  • 900 Ah LifePO4 battery (12 kWh, up to 7 days off-grid)
  • 600 w solar roof panels
  • Victron electrical system 5-YEAR WARRANTY
  • Cruise N Comfort AC (the most efficient in marine industry, 25 hours out of battery, will also work with solar power only)
  • Timberline hydronic heating system (uses diesel to heat floors, air, and water)
  • Wardrobe
  • 4 Pantries
  • Dishwasher
  • Galley 86": 11 drawers, 1 pantry, 1 door (Materials: UV-coated maple grade A plywood for the base, UV-coated baltic birch for drawers, grade A white oak plywood for fronts colored with Rubio Monocot oil; premium soft-close drawer sliders; leather handles, heavy-duty magnets)
  • Deep sink and an extended faucet
  • Natural stone backsplash
  • 2 electric burner induction cooktop
  • 3.3 cubic foot 12v refrigerator /freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • 4 Pantries
  • Pull-up countertop table
  • Pull-down outside table
  • 3 upper cabinets
  • Sliding door window
  • Plug with USB port, 110v outlet
  • LED light
  • Lagun table (seat 4 people)
  • Seating area with an extra pull- up seat transformable into a single-size bed
  • Swivel driver seat
  • Swivel passenger seat
  • Pull-up countertop table
  • Sliding window with a screen
  • Plug with USB port, 110v outlet
  • White oak slats with LED light
  • 12V chandelier
  • Full-size fixed bed (75"x54")
  • One side flare(capsule) with a sliding window and a screen
  • Memory foam mattress 6 inches
  • Rear door windows
  • Closet
  • 3 upper cabinets
  • LED light in niches
  • Plug with USB port
  • Genius pull-out sliding toilet hidden in the bathroom
  • Natural stone shower walls with artificial tropical greenery
  • Custom-made flat shower pan with 4 drains
  • The most efficient shower head uses just 0.4 Gal per minute to have more than 100 min hot shower in the middle of nowhere
  • Roll-up door
  • White oak slats with LED light
  • + Outdoor shower
  • Main components by Victron and Bluesea 900 Ah LifePO4 battery (5-7 days off-grid with no charge and no sun)
  • DC-DC charger 60A (Alternator charging)
  • 600w solar panels (will fully recharge your batteries on a sunny day)
  • 3000w Pure sine wave inverter + Shore power
  • 8 x USB ports
  • 3 x USB-C ports
  • 6 x 110v plugs
  • 42 Gallons freshwater tank (lasts 7-8 days for 2 pp showering every day)
  • 20 Gallons greywater tank
  • Electrical dump valve for grey water tank
  • Timberline diesel water heat exchanger (Instant hot water)
  • Timberline Hydronic Heated floors + 2 air heaters
  • Cruise N Comfort AC (the most efficient in the market) (25+ hours out of full battery)
  • Max Air fan with remote and climate control
Hydronic Heated floors
150 feet of glycol pipes
  • Roof rack
  • 3 solar panels (600w)
  • Side Ladder
  • Roof deck with an artificial grass
  • Pull-up sun beds
  • Driving range kit with biodegradable golf balls
  • Fire pit/grill
  • Sliding floor panel
  • Outdoor shower
  • 10 drawers
  • 4 pantries
  • Wardrobe
  • 3 upper cabinets
  • Cabin shelf
  • Garage with a sliding shelf
  • Wine rack
  • Shoe compartment
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